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Consular services

Assistance in getting Visas for US, Canada, E.U. citizens at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Washington, DC.

Visas for non-US citizens

Legalization of documents issued in United States (Apostille)
Legalization of documents issued in Canada

Consular registration for Moldovan citizens (Evidenta consulara a cetatenilor Republicii Moldova)

Moldovan Passports:
prelungirea pasapoartelor (passport extension)
eliberarea pasapoartelor noi (new passports)

Air tickets

Travel documents for Moldovan citizens

Notarized Translation of documents

Restoration of Moldovan citizenship

Expedited request of documents from Moldova: birth certificates, marriage certificates, criminal records, etc.

International Adoptions

You can contact us 7 days a week, from early in the morning till late in the evening
at (202) 498 0863 or e-mail at

We speak English, Romanian and Russian